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#14937: Get meek working in Tor Circuit Display
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:10 dcf]:
 > Replying to [comment:9 arthuredelstein]:
 > > As I mentioned, I think #13882 fixed this problem for most pluggable
 transports, including obfs3. To test it, you'll need to build the master
 branch of torbutton.git and install the xpi into Tor Browser. I just
 tested bridges from https://bridges.torproject.org/bridges?transport=obfs3
 and I get, for example "Sweden (Bridge: obfs3)". Most transports,
 including obfs3, have the IP address and fingerprint in the bridge conf
 line, so I'm just using that (in the latest patch). So my question is how
 to identify an entry-node fingerprint as a meek node, given that I don't
 have a fingerprint and IP from the bridge conf. Somehow, the meek code
 must be converting url/front into a fingerprint, correct?
 > It's tor that learns the fingerprint (and true IP) when it connects to
 the bridge. meek-client is pretty ignorant of the Tor protocol flowing
 through it. The url/front is just used to set up the "transport layer"
 that Tor uses to connect to the bridge. Once tor has a channel to the
 bridge, it finds out the IP and fingerprint somehow. (NETINFO cell maybe?
 I dunno.)
 > So what you do is get the fingerprint from the control port, then find a
 bridge line with a matching fingerprint, and peek at the transport name in
 the bridge line? And it doesn't work for the meek bridge lines because
 they don't have a fingerprint?


 > I don't know a good way to solve it. Maybe what armadev said in
 comment:7. It seems like the control port ought to know what transport you
 are using.

 Probably displaying the full bridge line would be ideal for meek, although
 for most other transports, most of that information would be redundant.

 > Maybe as a special-case workaround, you can say, if there's only one
 bridge line configured, then you can match it even if it doesn't have a

 I could do that, but it seems like it might be a little error-prone, in
 the case where multiple circuits are hanging around.

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