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#14937: Get meek working in Tor Circuit Display
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 Thanks everyone for your help here. Sorry I wasn't very clear about my
 problem in the ticket description.

 For background, the tor circuit display works roughly as follows:

 1. When a stream is created, get the ID for the circuit it is using.
 2. Read a circut-status and extract the IDs for the nodes in the circuit
 we want to display.
 3. Look up current bridges and if a node matches, then mark it as a
 4. Get the IP address for each node using ns/id/*.
 5. Request the country code for each IP address.
 6. Display the country and IP address for each node in the circuit.

 (I hope I've fixed the problem David observed in the vanilla bridges in my
 patch for #13882.)

 For meek, my problem is that I have neither an IP address nor a node ID.
 The bridge conf line provides two URLs (meek server and front), but the
 circuit-status shows a node ID for the meek bridge instead (such as
 `$A2C13B7DFCAB1CBF3A884B6EB99A98067AB6EF44~starman`). So is there a
 general way to identify this node ID as meek, and perhaps find a
 corresponding IP address?

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