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#7255: Prompt if Tor Browser is Maximized
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 Replying to [comment:17 mikeperry]:
 > I was thinking that if #14429 landed, we could perform the resize upon
 maximize, and then display an informative notification upon the
 "sizemodechange" event after the fact, but similar to the one I just made
 for New Identity in #9906.
 > Basically, we would tell the user that we resized the window, and have a
 "Never do this again" checkbox to disable resizing. However, we probably
 also need a "Never show this again" because the first few times the user
 sees it, they may just click through and not even realize what happened..

 Ah, you wanted to re-purpose this ticket. :) I am definitely in favor of
 giving users some hints about what happened after they resized and thought
 they would maximize their window or make it fullscreen (given we land this
 in tandem with #14429). I am still not convinced that we should do that
 with modal dialogs. It might not be important enough to a lot of users to
 warrant a blocking dialog. Having modal dialogs for all sorts of decisions
 does not scale well UX-wise. The advantage of a notification box might be
 as well that it allows us to put all the "Never do this again" and "Never
 show this again" into one dialog why it is not straightforward to do that
 with several checkboxes (although one surely gets that to work:

 > The issues with #14429 are making me sad though. I feel it is rather
 important to have some kind of notification+resize here, even if we can't
 land #14429.. :/

 Why is it important to have a resize element if we can't land #14429 for
 now? Why not just having a notification that gives the user a choice
 *before* she is shooting herself in the foot which gives us time to write
 and test the code for #14429 properly?

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