[tbb-bugs] #5698 [Tor Browser]: The Help->'About Torbrowser' window is Firefox-specific and uses Mozilla logos and links

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Wed Feb 18 07:19:09 UTC 2015

#5698: The Help->'About Torbrowser' window is Firefox-specific and uses Mozilla
logos and links
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:19 gk]:

 Here are new versions of both patches:

 > -I think we should use a different logo, ideally the one we already use
 in other places (see tor-browser/browser/branding/official/default*.png)
 and which is more related to the one we have on the website

 Logo has been changed to default*.png

 > -I wonder if we should use the same size as Mozilla does (192x192 IIRC)
 and how this would look like.

 I ended up using 180 x 180, which seems to roughly match the Firefox logo
 in apparent size at 192 x 192.

 > -The version text currently says something like "31.4.0Tor Browser tbb-
 nightly (based on Mozilla Firefox 31.4.0)". I think it should be "tbb-
 nightly (based on Mozilla Firefox 31.4.0)".

 I think I've fixed it. It requires the tor-browser.git patch to work.

 > -The Mozilla Firefox Licensing link is confusing. Users might be
 irritated as they don't have a Firefox but a Tor Browser. Especially as
 `about:license` says things like: "Binaries of this product have been made
 available to you by the Mozilla Project".
 > what we should do, I think, is change the link text to "Tor Browser
 Licensing" and then we might think about removing/adapting the first two
 paragraphs in `about:license` + adding Tor Browser related licensing and
 leave the rest as-is.

 Makes sense. I've updated the link to have the text "Licensing
 Information" (same text as Mozilla Firefox), and added a ticket to fix
 `about:license` in the future (#14936).

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