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#7255: Prompt if Tor Browser is Maximized
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 Without having some data we can't say much about whether following option
 2 is better or worse for the user's anonymity. Looking at the tickets with
 users that are wondering about why their browser windows are not rounded
 at all my gut tells me resizing/maximizing is far more common than
 commonly thought. I'd even bet that the majority of users is actually
 resizing their window as they might not understand why they should not do
 it and why they should waste a lot of available screen space.

 What about just closing this ticket when the patch in #14429 lands as the
 user can't shoot herself in the foot anymore (and preventing this was all
 the ticket was about)? If we still think we owe the users who are
 maximizing their windows/trying to get them fullscreen an in-browser
 explanation as it is not working as expected, then I am in favor of some
 non-modal mechanism. Maybe a notification box? (I think a modal dialog
 might just be annoying)

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