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#14429: Automated rounding of content window dimensions
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Changes (by arthuredelstein):

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 Replying to mikeperry:
 > This is the difference. On Linux+Gnome desktop, if I hold the mouse
 button down and stop dragging like you did in the video, the grey margin
 does not disappear, nor does the outer window actually resize if I release
 the button without a further drag movement. The window remains stuck at
 the held size with the grey margins without a resize. This is why I added
 the return value after the check for the deltas in shrinkWrap(), and the
 subsequent invocation of ping() inside the timeout handler.

 I see an even worse result on default Ubuntu. If I hold the mouse button
 down and stop dragging, after the timeout, the grey margin disappears:


 The toolbar shrinks to the gBrowser element size, but the outer window
 itself does not shrink, and a white margin appears around both gBrowser
 and toolbar. Then when I release the mouse button, the window remains

 All calls to window.outerWidth, etc, seem not to be aware of the window's
 white margin. So there isn't even a way to detect this problem. The only
 solution I see is to call window.resizeBy(0,0) periodically in the
 indefinite future, but that would be an ugly hack.

 This is looking difficult to fix -- I wonder if it means we will have to
 patch Firefox. One possibility would be to add a "resizeend" event, the
 fires after the user stops dragging or the window has fully maximized.
 That would be a much cleaner option than these various timing-based hacks.

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