[tbb-bugs] #14631 [Tor Browser]: Users that try to run from DMG files run into "Another copy of Firefox is running"

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Fri Feb 13 19:17:53 UTC 2015

#14631: Users that try to run from DMG files run into "Another copy of Firefox is
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 OK, there is good news and there is bad news.  The good news is that Kathy
 and I tracked down the spot in the code where we can detect failure due to
 the profile being on a read-only file system (inside
 nsProfileLock::LockWithFcntl()).  And we can propagate a new nsresult out
 and pass it into nsAppRunner.cpp's ProfileLockedDialog() function, and so
 we can display a unique error message to cover this situation.

 The bad news is that, since the profile has not yet been loaded, we cannot
 access Torbutton's string bundle... which is where we would typically put
 a new localizable string for the new error message.  Here are a few
 1. Use a hard-coded English string.
 2. Start including new localized strings in Tor Browser somehow.  This
 might be difficult to manage with our existing Transifex-based process.  I
 think we should avoid going down this path.
 3. Resolve this ticket as "won't fix" and hope that efforts we make for
 #14687 will keep users out of trouble.
 4. Your idea here.

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