[tbb-bugs] #9442 [Tor Browser]: Add New Circuit button to TorButton (was: Add New Circuit button to TorButton for TBB alpha 3.x)

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Wed Feb 11 00:28:46 UTC 2015

#9442: Add New Circuit button to TorButton
     Reporter:           |      Owner:  tbb-team
  cypherpunks            |     Status:  needs_review
         Type:           |  Milestone:
  enhancement            |    Version:
     Priority:  normal   |   Keywords:  tbb-newnym, tbb-easy, tbb-
    Component:  Tor      |  usability, extdev-interview, tbb-torbutton,
  Browser                |  TorBrowserTeam201502R, MikePerry201502
   Resolution:           |  Parent ID:
Actual Points:           |
       Points:           |
Changes (by mikeperry):

 * status:  new => needs_review
 * cc: arthuredelstein (added)
 * keywords:  tbb-newnym, tbb-easy, tbb-usability, extdev-interview, tbb-
     torbutton =>
     tbb-newnym, tbb-easy, tbb-usability, extdev-interview, tbb-torbutton,
     TorBrowserTeam201502R, MikePerry201502


 Ok, I implemented this in commit 6ba3a3d11bc1fb6a3415aa7363062bec1d6ac964
 of mikeperry/1.8-next in my torbutton remote:

 However, there appears to be a bug in our SOCKS username+password patch
 that is causing Tor Browser to always send "0" as the password, even
 though the SOCKS password is clearly being updated in the nsIProxyInfo.
 Arthur - can you have a look?

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