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#14637: New identity should show confirmation
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Comment (by intrigeri):

 Replying to [comment:3 saint]:
 > Users also don't necessarily know in advance that they will lose all
 tabs (including any current work) when they click it.

 Right, I've seen too many users be surprised that they just lost all their
 tabs. Now, this ticket seemed to originally be about confirming to the
 user ''after the fact'' that the New Identity operation was successful,
 while what saint and I are talking about suggests the need for a blocking
 confirmation asked to the user interactively ''before'' closing all tabs

 Note that such a confirmation message before switching identities may be
 needed for other reasons in the future: e.g. once Tor Browser is confined
 with AppArmor or something else, and only has access to a specific shared
 directory for downloading/uploading files, we may want to ask the user to
 move their files out of that directory before we switch identities, in
 order to avoid the content of that directory to be usable linkability
 information between before and after switching identities. We're currently
 discussing such ideas on the tails-ux at boum.org mailing list, FYI.

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