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#14139: Tor browser shares its last search term with other browsers on OSX
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 '''Background on OS X Pasteboards'''

 There are 5 standard OS X pasteboards:
 * NSGeneralPboard—for cut, copy, and paste
 * NSRulerPboard—for copy and paste of rulers
 * NSFontPboard—for cut, copy, and paste of NSFont objects
 * NSFindPboard—application-specific find panels can share a sought after
 text value
 * NSDragPboard—for graphical drag and drop operations

 Like command-C for Copy and command-V for Paste, the Find Pasteboard can
 be accessed using command-E for Save to Find Pasteboard and command-G for
 Find Text on Find Pasteboard.
 See http://blog.macromates.com/2005/the-shared-find-clipboard/

 One (non-recommended) method of disabling the Find Pasteboard is to
 swizzle the Objective-C functions responsible for accessing pasteboards,
 replacing them with a version that ignores requests for the Find
 Pasteboard. This seems to be overkill.

 '''Issues with Disabling the Find Pasteboard'''

 If we never write anything to the Find Pasteboard:
 * will this stop Find Again / command-G working? (maybe)
  * or will we have to provide our own implementation of Find Again?
 * should we continue to allow the General and Drag Pasteboards to work,
 even in incognito mode? (yes, this is what users expect)
 * could the Ruler or Font Pasteboards ever leak enough information to be
 an issue? (unlikely)

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