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Mon Feb 2 19:44:23 UTC 2015

#13406: Tor Browser 4.0 make use of the updater and stop directing users to
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Comment (by mikeperry):

 Replying to [comment:3 brade]:
 > For 4.0, my assumption was that we should keep both update mechanisms in
 place (hedging our bets a little on the new updater).  I do agree that it
 is a little strange to not even mention the built-in updater on about:tor,
 but I think it is too late to change strings, etc. for the 4.0 release.
 Mike, do you agree?

 I agree. This change should only be done on 4.5-alpha.

 > Also, we need to think about where we are headed in the long run.  After
 we make the built-in updater more secure (for example, see #13379), then
 in my opinion we should not point users to a manual download process at

 Correct. In fact, I think the 4.5 series is now secure enough to update
 automatically for everyone.

 > In the interim period before the built-in updater is checking
 signatures, etc. we should probably offer two options (perhaps two
 buttons?) on the about:tor page:
 > {{{
 >          [Update to Tor Browser 4.5]      [Manually Download Tor
 > }}}
 > What do other people think?  Having two buttons seems a little silly and
 potentially confusing, but may be necessary for now to satisfy our diverse
 > Also, to be able to display the version number (as in "Update to  Tor
 Browser 4.5") we would need to ensure that the built-in updater performs a
 check often (as is done by the older "this browser is out of date"
 > We will also need to decide what changes to make to the Torbutton menu.

 I think the about:tor page should remain the same, but the Torbutton menu
 link should perform the MAR-based update for 4.5+.

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