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#6540: Support Mountain Lion Gatekeeper
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Comment (by dcf):

 Some observations from [[org/meetings/2015UXsprint]]:

 Everyone was frustrated by the Gatekeeper dialog. However, users were
 surprisingly adept at disabling Gatekeeper (sometimes system-wide) in
 order to get Tor Browser to run. Most users seemed to have seen the dialog
 before and vaguely known what to do. There is also a "?" button on the
 dialog that gets you to the right preferences window.

 Nobody (''N''=5) used the Ctrl-click technique. They all either disabled
 Gatekeeper completely, or used the button on the same preferences window
 (maybe new in OS X 10.10) that said something like "Tor Browser failed to
 start because it is from an unidentified developer, allow anyway?"

 If you "allow anyway," the setting gets remembered somewhere that's not
 surfaced in the GUI anywhere I could find. In order to disable it, and
 cause Gatekeeper again to reject opening the app (even the same file
 downloaded fresh), I had to run the command
 spctl --disable /path/to/Tor\ Browser.app

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