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#10864: Please create a specific “Unable to connect” page
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Changes (by sajolida):

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 The Tails would also be interested in customized error messages, the two
 use cases we have in mind so far are:

 * When starting Tor Browser when Tor is not ready yet, the error message
 is something like "unable to connect, the proxy server is refusing
 connection". Which could instead make it clear that Tor is not started
 yet. (The term "proxy" here is confusing because the user might think
 about a normal HTTP proxy, and not about Tor.) I understand that this
 screen is not supposed to appear in Tor Browser because Tor Launcher would
 catch this. But the code for that could be upstream with no harm, right?

 * When trying to access blocked network ressources. For example, we are
 considering disabling LAN traffic from Tor Browser, and moving that to the
 Unsafe Browser only. See https://labs.riseup.net/code/issues/7976. I think
 that Tor Browser also blocks LAN as I see an "unable to connect" error
 message. Maybe that one could be made better for both Tor Browser and

 How would we go about that? Write that in an extension? In Torbutton?

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