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#15857: Strange errors with Linux updater
 Reporter:  mikeperry    |          Owner:  tbb-team
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 I'm getting some strange errors when running the updater on a very hacked-
 up version of Tor Browser on Linux. In one instance, I got
 "ensure_copy_recursive: path is not a directory: /home/user/tor-
 rv: 0, err: 24". In another (when I enabled app.update.logs) I got:

 *** AUS:SVC Downloader:onProgress - progress: 53654724/53654724
 *** AUS:SVC Downloader:onStopRequest - original URI spec:
 US.mar, final URI spec: https://dis
 t.torproject.org/torbrowser/4.5/tor-browser-linux64-4.5_en-US.mar, status:
 *** AUS:SVC Downloader:onStopRequest - status: 0, current fail: 0, max
 fail: 10, retryTimeout: 2000
 *** AUS:SVC Downloader:_verifyDownload called
 *** AUS:SVC Downloader:_verifyDownload downloaded size == expected size.
 *** AUS:SVC Downloader:_verifyDownload hashes do not match.
 *** AUS:SVC Downloader:onStopRequest - download verification failed
 *** AUS:SVC getStatusTextFromCode - transfer error: The integrity of the
 update could not be verified, code: verification_failed
 *** AUS:SVC Downloader:onStopRequest - setting state to: download-failed
 *** AUS:SVC Downloader:onStopRequest - all update patch downloads failed

 Oddly, while trying to reproduce this more times, the update finally
 downloaded successfully and applied fine. This caused me to suspect a bad
 mirror, but that full MAR file seems fine on all mirrors.

 I am out of ideas, and I have not been able to reproduce this issue on any
 vanilla TBB on the same systems, even if I force it to do a full update by
 editing the start-tor-browser script.

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