[tbb-bugs] #15852 [Tor Browser]: Remove/synchronize Torbutton SOCKS pref logic

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Tue Apr 28 22:22:27 UTC 2015

#15852: Remove/synchronize Torbutton SOCKS pref logic
 Reporter:  mikeperry                            |          Owner:  tbb-
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  TorBrowserTeam201505                           |  Actual Points:
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 In 4.5 (#14630), we removed the Torbutton settings window because I
 assumed that users could use the Firefox proxy setting instead.
 Unfortunately, Torbutton still has code to check if its SOCKS settings
 match the browser proxy settings, and to disable itself if these are out
 of sync.

 We should remove this old code so that it is easier for people to point
 TBB at a different Tor instance. The code is a toggle-era relic, and we
 have a control port check anyway.

 We should also ensure that if the Tor check fails, Torbutton's features
 aren't actually disabled, and that the difference is only a cosmetic
 warning. Right now, I fear that features are actually disabled, due to
 other toggle-era checks.

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