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#15578: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is EOL April 2015
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Comment (by gk):

 I spent a great deal of my time today investigating this closer and think
 we should not go the Bitcoin way as we both want to have Debian guest VMs
 in the long run and I fear this contains some stability risk given that we
 have much more moving parts not under our control that are (possibly)
 affected. I think a sane thing to do is trying to get the switch to Debian
 implemented for 5.0. It might be ambitious due to the unknowns which are
 always involved when we switch to a new Firefox ESR but I am optimistic.

 If that sounds like a proper plan then we have two options for the next
 one/two releases: We keep Lucid VMs for Linux or we basically switch to
 the branch I worked on for #15551 which would give us Precise guest VMs
 for Linux as well but with disabled `FORTIFY_SOURCE`. I tend to prefer the
 former as I fear compatibility risks even in this scenario. While I am
 pretty sure the bundles would run on Tails systems we'd need some more
 testing (especially on older 64bit systems) to be sure there are no other
 issues. And this is not mentioning general yet-to-be-enountered problems
 following a toolchain switch.

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