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#15578: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is EOL April 2015
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Comment (by gk):

 Replying to [comment:5 gk]:
 > So, sticking to Ubuntu Precise a la #15551 is no option then. The
 deterministic build system does already have enough kludges and I am not
 too eager to add another one in the Bitcoin style. Seems Mike was right
 and we should try to get Gitian working with Debian guest VMs. Exciting.

 Hrm... Maybe I was a bit fast here. Having the switch to Ubuntu Precise as
 a stop-gap might be working and be worthwhile given that 10.04 is already
 EOL in two weeks and switching to Debian might not be ready in time. If I
 take my branch posted in #14730 and make sure I compile everything without
 `FORTIFY_SOURCE` then Tor Browser seems already to be working in Tails.
 The `__fdelt_chk` function is the only one that is problematic. Quite
 tempting and might be doable to get fixed properly within the next
 two/three weeks.

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