[tbb-bugs] #15586 [Tor Browser]: Tor Browser cannot be launched by different users on OS X.

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#15586: Tor Browser cannot be launched by different users on OS X.
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Comment (by mcs):

 Kathy Brade and I experimented a little with this, but even after we reset
 permissions to allow multiple users to write to the entire TorBrowser.app
 directory, the bundled tor is still unhappy.  It seems like tor tries hard
 to not allow people to shoot themselves in the foot -- it prevents sharing
 of the TorBrowser.app/TorBrowser/Data/Tor directory.

 The error message that is displayed if you do not try to adjust file
 permissions implies that doing so may allow the browser to run, which is
 true if you make the correct changes... but most people will not know what
 to do and there does not seem to be a set of permissions that allows for
 multiple users to share one app bundle.

 How common is it for people to have multiple users on Mac OS?  In my
 experience, it is rare.  But for those computers where there is more than
 one user, dragging to /Applications is not a good recommendation.  On the
 other hand, at least on the Mac OS 10.8.5 computer I am testing on at the
 moment, items places in ~/Applications do not show up in Launchpad.

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