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Fri Apr 3 22:02:12 UTC 2015

#15578: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is EOL April 2015
     Reporter:           |      Owner:  tbb-team
  mikeperry              |     Status:  new
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    Component:  Tor      |   Keywords:  tbb-gitian, TorBrowserTeam201504,
  Browser                |  AffectsTails
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Changes (by mikeperry):

 * cc: intrigeri (added)
 * keywords:  tbb-gitian, TorBrowserTeam201504 => tbb-gitian,
     TorBrowserTeam201504, AffectsTails


 Unfortunately, I think the Tails people will not be able to use our builds
 if we switch to 12.04 before they switch to Jessy. That may not happen at
 the same time as Debian/Jessy is released.

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