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#7256: Explore zoom-based alternatives to fixed window sizes
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Changes (by arthuredelstein):

 * status:  new => needs_information


 Here's a variant of my #14429 patch that doesn't do window autoresizing at
 all, but instead zooms the window contents to keep dimensions to multiples
 of 200x100. Margins also appear, but these are more or less minimized by


 Problems with autoresizing seen in #14429:
 * Users are disconcerted by not being able to maximize or resize as they
 * Autoresizing correctly is very difficult on various Linux window systems
 and the current implementation causes weird symptoms.
 * The menu bar appearing (in Linux) causes the window to shrink.

 It would be helpful if anyone would like to test this proof of concept for
 usability on their favorite OS. Note that manual zooming of the window is
 not yet implemented.

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