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Tue Sep 30 07:04:34 UTC 2014

#13023: Disable the Gamepad API
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  mikeperry              |     Status:  closed
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  critical               |   Keywords:  tbb-pref, ff31-esr, tbb-
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [comment:2 mikeperry]:
 > How come this commit got lost in the branches at tbb-esr31.1.0 and tbb-
 > I merged this back in, but was anything else lost in this rebase?

 I believe nothing else was lost. The history of branches was the

 First I squashed
 and then rebased to
 and rebased again to
 https://github.com/arthuredelstein/tor-browser/commits/tbb-esr31.1.1 .

 I think I may have committed the GamePad API patch to 12620 from another
 machine. Unfortunately (sorry!) it looks like I forgot to `git pull` to my
 local copy of 12620 before squashing it into 12620D.

 To check if anything else was lost, I first confirmed repository contents
 in the penultimate commit of 12620 and the last commit of 12620D are
 arthur at Arthur /p/t/tor-browser31> git diff 9889ac7 c8e3f08
 arthur at Arthur /p/t/tor-browser31>
 So it appears only the GamePad API commit is missing from the squash of

 Additionally, if I compare the commit messages between 12620D and tor-
 browser-31.1.1esr-4.x-1 I get:
 arthur at Arthur /p/t/tor-browser31> git log 9197ab3..tor-
 browser-31.1.1esr-4.x-1  --pretty=%s > log_tbb_esr31.1.1.txt
 arthur at Arthur /p/t/tor-browser31> git log c110c3c..12620D  --pretty=%s >
 arthur at Arthur /p/t/tor-browser31> diff log_12620D.txt
 > fixup! TB4: Tor Browser's Firefox preference overrides.
 > Bug 13021: Prompt before allowing Canvas isPointIn*() calls.
 > Bug 1071527 - "dom.performance.enabled" set to "false" shows non-zero
 values for attributes. r=bz
 > Bug 13028: Prevent potential proxy bypass cases.
 > Bug #13047: Updater should not send Kernel/GTK version
 > Bug #13091: Use "Tor Browser" everywhere (space included)
 arthur at Arthur /p/t/tor-browser31>
 which shows that no commits were lost during the rebase from 12620D, and
 that 6 commits were subsequently added at the HEAD.

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