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#13271: Can we reverse the order on Tor Browsers' network connection questions
 Reporter:  mttp           |          Owner:  tbb-team
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 In Tor Browser 4.0, the number of questions we ask users who choose
 "Configure" is reduced from 3 to 2. Cool! Can we ask the bridge question
 first (seems to be more commonly used), and the local proxy question
 second (seems to be less commonly used)? A lot of users still get tripped
 up by "Do you need to use a proxy". My guess is that some users think "Of
 course I need a proxy. That's why I'm using Tor." I think if the proxy
 question and the bridge question were asked in reverse order, they would
 get a better feel for the types of questions we're asking in this section,
 and fewer users would try to select a proxy when they don't need to.

 It may also help reduce the number of users who mistakenly try to
 configure a proxy when they don't use one if the word "proxy" were
 replaced with "local proxy" in the strings. It seems like this
 modification would only be inaccurate in cases where the user pulled an
 open proxy IP off a google search, in which case they should probably be
 using a bridge instead anyway.

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