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Fri Sep 26 01:08:55 UTC 2014

#13245: language pack lost after update
     Reporter:  mcs          |      Owner:  tbb-team
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:4 mikeperry]:
 > I am thinking that if we can get a fix together by tonight, then we can
 hold 4.0a3 another day.. but otherwise, we'll just have to warn people
 twice instead of once..

 I attached a possible fix.  But it is untested because:
 (1) I don't have a partial 4.0-alpha-3 build to start from so I am
 starting from scratch and
 (2) I had to step out for a while and of course the build I started before
 I left failed early.

 It might be faster for you or gk to apply this patch and re-package the
 build by re-running the bundle step.  The biggest danger is that my
 untested code is wrong.

 Once anyone has some builds, brade and/or I can do some testing, although
 anyone can do the following with a non en-US build to verify that this fix
 is correct:
 a) use about:config to set set app.update.log = true
 b) open the browser console (Shift+Ctrl+J) and clear it
 c) open the about box and click "Check for Updates"
 Then look on the console and see if the update URL that was accessed
 includes the language, e.g., es-ES.

 My build just failed again so I will have to try to debug it (I am not
 remotely close to the bundle step yet).

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