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#8560: 100% CPU usage in Tor Browser?
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Comment (by s7r):

 At the yearly cleanig of the garage found an old box which was used at the
 office for accounting purposes, decided to blow the dust away and give it
 a use... Found out it won't work with Tor Browser, becasue of the CPU.

 Tor Browser 3.6.5 is eating 100% CPU, after few hours of either usage
 either staying idle (in order to keep socksport open for other torified
 applications). The configration of the computer is this. An old box,
 Operating system: Debian Wheezy
 i386 arhitecture
 CPU is AMD Athlon 2800+ @ 2.083 Ghz, 512KB  cache
 RAM: 1 GB
 Data width: 32bit system
 Continiously monitoring with htop, Tor Browser starts just fine and uses
 about 18% to 22% CPU. If visiting javascript websites which require the
 computer some work to do, CPU usage grows accordingly but it does not
 freeze the computer and gets back to normal value when closing the
 respective tab. This is for the first 2 or 3 hours.

 After some time (2-3 hours) regardless if there are any tabs open or not
 Tor browser starts to eat 100% CPU until you can't do anything, have to
 hard reboot. The process name showing 100% in htop is called firefox (from
 tor browser) and it is shown in 2 instances, one eating 68% and another
 one with 21 - 25% something like this.

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