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Fri Oct 31 01:20:38 UTC 2014

#13613: Backport FFv34's H.264 support to TorBrowser
 Reporter:  Borkin                               |          Owner:  tbb-
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 Priority:  major                                |         Status:  new
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 Keywords:  TorBrowser, video support,video,     |        Version:
  flash, H.264, firefox                          |  Actual Points:
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 Whereas Firefox version 34 will support H.264 video formats natively and
 with no need for a plugin

 Whereas A significant number of websites now support said video format,
 and even offering H.264 videos in place of Flash when the latter isn't
 supported/plugin not installed

 Whereas TorBrowser blocks Flash plugin, disabling Flash support

 Whereas TorBrowser, based on Firefox version 31.x.x ESR, does not support
 H.264 video format

 Therefore, since TorBrowser neither supports Flash nor H.264, reducing its
 usability when a significant number of websites are now supporting H.264,
 even offering the latter in place of Flash when it is not supported

 And since backporting H.264 support to TorBrowser will significantly
 increase its usability and therefore increase its user base and by
 consequences its overall users' anonymity

 Therefore, backporting H.264 support to TorBrowser is a major enhancement,
 if not a necessity

 So please, kindly backport H.264 support to TorBrowser from Firefox
 version 34

 Thank you

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