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#13594: Tor Browser Bundle 4.0: updater fails on Windows
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:14 mcs]:
 > I have not tested it yet, but would copying libssp-0.dll and
 msvcr100.dll into the updates\0 directory (next to the copy of
 updater.exe) fix this problem?

 Answering my own question... I did test this solution by manually copying
 the two needed DLLs into the updates\0 directory right before I clicked
 the "Restart To Update" button.  It worked.  The downside of this solution
 is that we would need to hard-code the names of those two DLLs into the
 browser, here:


 which means that if, in the future, updater.exe depends on another DLL or
 if the name of one of the DLLs is changed, things will break again.

 I have not looked yet, but Mozilla must link their updater.exe in a
 special way to avoid external dependencies.  That might be the best
 solution, but it is probably more difficult to implement.

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