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#13472: Tor Browser 4.0 not able to talk with tor
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Comment (by Sherief):

 I've sent a simpler version of your instructions to around 10 users. Here
 are the result of the first one:

 Replying to [comment:7 mcs]:
 > Kathy Brade and I looked at the Torbutton code related to about:tor and
 the local Tor check.  Here are some things that would help us debug this
 > 1. Find out if https://check.torproject.org/ reports success even when
 about:tor does not.

 Pretty sure the above is true (according to 5 users).

 > 2. When about:tor displays failure, ask the user to tell us what text is
 displayed in the top-right corner of that page (it should show "Tor
 Browser 4.0").

 See attached.

 > 3. When about:tor displays failure, does the Torbutton toolbar (onion)
 icon have a red X?

 See attached.

 > 4. When about:tor displays failure, have the user open the Browser
 Console (open hamburger menu | Developer | Browser Console or Cmd+Shift+J)
 and tell us what messages are present.

 User never did this.

 > 5. When about:tor displays failure, have the user go through a UI
 customization "cycle" (without changing anything).  This should trigger a
 "refresh" of the Tor status on the about:tor page.  To do this, open the
 hamburger menu, click "Customize", and then click "Exit Customize" while
 the about:tor page is open.

 Success. After exiting out the user got back a all green "congratulations!
 tor is working" page.

 > 6. Ask the user to increase the Torbutton log level and send us the
 messages that appear on the Browser Console after Tor Browser starts up
 and shows a failure on the about:tor page.  I am particularly interested
 in any lines that include "Tor socks listener:" (these are logged by the
 local Tor check code inside Torbutton).  To increase the log level, open
 about:config, set the value of extensions.torbutton.loglevel to 0, and
 then restart the browser.

 More on this when more users answer.

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