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#13472: Tor Browser 4.0 not able to talk with tor
     Reporter:  Sherief  |      Owner:  tbb-team
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Changes (by mcs):

 * status:  new => needs_information


 Kathy Brade and I looked at the Torbutton code related to about:tor and
 the local Tor check.  Here are some things that would help us debug this

 1. Find out if https://check.torproject.org/ reports success even when
 about:tor does not.

 2. When about:tor displays failure, ask the user to tell us what text is
 displayed in the top-right corner of that page (it should show "Tor
 Browser 4.0").

 3. When about:tor displays failure, does the Torbutton toolbar (onion)
 icon have a red X?

 4. When about:tor displays failure, have the user open the Browser Console
 (open hamburger menu | Developer | Browser Console or Cmd+Shift+J) and
 tell us what messages are present.

 5. When about:tor displays failure, have the user go through a UI
 customization "cycle" (without changing anything).  This should trigger a
 "refresh" of the Tor status on the about:tor page.  To do this, open the
 hamburger menu, click "Customize", and then click "Exit Customize" while
 the about:tor page is open.

 6. Ask the user to increase the Torbutton log level and send us the
 messages that appear on the Browser Console after Tor Browser starts up
 and shows a failure on the about:tor page.  I am particularly interested
 in any lines that include "Tor socks listener:" (these are logged by the
 local Tor check code inside Torbutton).  To increase the log level, open
 about:config, set the value of extensions.torbutton.loglevel to 0, and
 then restart the browser.

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