[tbb-bugs] #12763 [Tor Browser]: -no-remote prevents using Tor Browser as default browser

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#12763: -no-remote prevents using Tor Browser as default browser
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Comment (by CRhode):

 I'm not able to open a new TBB 4.0 window with -new-window using an
 existing, running instance started with -allow-remote.  I get a pop-up box
 saying, "Firefox is already running, but is not responding.  To open a new
 window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your

 Here follows a sermon for the choir:  Modern desktop environments rely on
 Web browsers to such an extent that they seem inseparable, e.g., Explorer
 and Windows (whatever-level).  This is because the desktop invokes the
 browser to fire all kinds of URLs, to display PDFs, to render local HTML
 documents, to display images, to navigate folders, and even to display and
 print text, heaven forefend! I doubt it's possible for the desktop
 reliably to distinguish the contexts in which these different kinds of
 requests originate.  I certainly don't think it's desirable.  The one-
 size-fits all approach is universal and compelling.  A browser with
 identical look and feel should be fired in every case.

 I want to use TBB for surfing.  Thus, I want to use it for everything
 else, too.

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