[tbb-bugs] #13427 [Tor Browser]: CloudFlare captchas often will not load (TBB Beta 4.0-alpha-3)

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Wed Oct 15 16:41:25 UTC 2014

#13427: CloudFlare captchas often will not load (TBB Beta 4.0-alpha-3)
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 In TorBrowser Beta (4.0-alpha-3), captchas on CloudFlare's 'confirmation'
 page fail to be displayed.

 IRC exchange in #tor-dev:
 <sssheep> tor browser people: on many sites, I'm now seeing the cloudflare
 prompt but without captcha
 <sssheep> this is on the latest TBB beta
 <sssheep> I can't even use a captcha to prove my innocence, that part
 simply isn't there
 <sssheep> it asks me to enter text when I couldn't possibly
 <sssheep> indepdendently, it sometimes won't even have that part though.
 Just "leave a message for the site owner?"
 <sssheep> it is making it seriously hard to use tor. I'm used to captchas,
 but not being denied the chance to even use them. Google can sometimes
 relentlessly throw them at me, even if I answer them correctly, but this
 CloudFlare-screw-you-even-if-you-are-human policy is entirely new to me
 <sssheep> is this a TBB bug?
 <helix> sssheep: I think athena was complaining about that the other day
 <Benjojo> sssheep: This is not us going against Tor users
 <sssheep> It certainly feels like it? I don't see this behaviour when I
 use a non-torified browser, and you're not letting me even have a captcha
 to prove I'm not a zombie.
 <Benjojo> This our own security that is trying to protect our users
 <sssheep> You could at least allow me to fill in a captcha, not taunt by
 leaving it out but including the input field..
 <sssheep> Explain, or something.
 <sssheep> "You are blocked" is better than beating around the bush and
 making it look like a one-off bug that can be fixed by refreshing

 Attached is a screenshot of the behaviour.
 Is this a TorBrowser bug, CloudFlare bug, Google reCaptcha bug, or
 somebody else?

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