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#13235: private mode / cookies settings not working, starting Tor browser not
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 Replying to [ticket:13235 Samonym]:
 > I'm new to using Tor and wanted to try it out.
 > I'm running the Tor browser bundle 3.6.5:
 > a)from a pendrive on a Windows XP system
 > b) from an installed version on the desktop of a Windows 7 system in a
 virtual box (Oracle) and have observed some things I do not understand:
 > 1. Sometimes the grey small window opens telling: Tor is opened, but
 then the browser window doesn't open.

 This is likely #10804 and should be better now.

 > 2. If a website only works with cookies, you can change settings from
 „never remember history“ to „use custom settings for history“ and „accept
 cookies from sites“ in the normal Firefox and you can change the settings
 back again to „never remember history“ again and you have to close and
 restart Firefox. This does not work in the Tor browser, which does not
 save the „never remember history“-setting. You can choose the box „never
 remember history“ , click on „ok“, but if you open the options window
 again, you will see that the Tor browser is still on „use custom settings
 for history“ and „accept cookies“.
 > If you choose „always use private browsing mode“ no history or any data
 should be stored by the usual Firefox, right? So, you should not see
 anything under „history“. However, this is not the case with the Tor
 browser!!! The Tor browser keeps the history despite having chosen the
 private mode!!!

 Not sure what you mean here. Does this happen with a default Tor Browser
 you just freshly downloaded? Please, file a new ticket with steps to
 reproduce your problem as putting more than one issue in a ticket makes it
 hard to act on it, thanks.

 > Last point: If you change the parameters and allow cookies and you were
 on sites that use cookies, they should be displayed under „show cookies“ -
 but there aren't any cookies displayed. Also ccleaner doesn't show any
 cookies stored. However, there must be cookies, because I was on sites
 that demand cookies otherwise they just don't work. So, where are the
 cookies? They must be on the system. With the usual Firefox you can see at
 least that cookies were set and you can control and delete them. And if
 flash cookies had been set you can control that by the ccleaner. But with
 the Tor browser you even can't see that any kind of cookie was set even
 though they must have been set.

 This is a Mozilla bug which is tracked on our side as #10353. I guess 2.
 is a duplicate as well (if it is an issue at all). Thus, resolving this
 whole ticket as duplicate.

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