[tbb-bugs] #13019 [Tor Browser]: New locale fingerprinting capabilities in FF31ESR

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Thu Oct 9 22:37:40 UTC 2014

#13019: New locale fingerprinting capabilities in FF31ESR
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    Component:  Tor      |   Keywords:  ff31-esr, tbb-fingerprinting,
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Comment (by mikeperry):

 Ok. Is there a reason why there is a 5926+ branch in your repo, but not
 this patch? I was looking at that branch for a while, and it seemed to fix
 these problems but did not use the RegisterCallback/UnregisterCallback, as
 the attachment does.

 I'm a little nervous about the use of free() to free stuff allocated with
 the JS-runtime allocators. They appear to all boil down to the same
 js_free right now, but that may change? Not sure if we should put this as
 an XXX, or what. The JS_Free() calls do not seem to match JS_Strdup used
 by JS_GetDefaultLocale, in that they don't take a JSRuntime as an

 We also still need to set this new pref in the Torbutton code that sets
 extensions.torbutton.spoof_*, too.

 I am thinking for both of these reasons this might not make it into the
 FF31 release on Tuesday, but we should perhaps aim for the next release
 after that for this.

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