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#13324: Generation of incremental MAR files
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Comment (by mcs):

 While testing updates using incremental MAR files generated by the revised
 update_responses script, brade and I discovered that symbolic links will
 not be created or removed during an update.  This happens because the MAR
 file format itself does not have a way to store a symlink; we just add
 instructions to add or remove symlinks to the updatev2.manifest and
 updatev3.manifest files that are inside the MAR files.

 That means that after the complete MAR files are extracted, no symlinks
 are present,  Therefore, make_incremental_update.sh does not know to
 generate any symlink-related instructions.  We could fix this by adding
 support for symlinks to the MAR file format itself, but that may be risky
 and/or complicated.  My preferred solution is to modify the
 update_responses script to create symlinks when it extracts the complete
 MAR files.  It can do this by looking inside updatev3.manifest for lines
 that begin with addsymlink.  The full syntax is:
   addsymlink "link-path" "target-path"
   addsymlink "TorBrowser/Tor/PluggableTransports/TorBrowser.app.meek-http-
 helper/Contents/Resources" "../../../../../Contents/Resources"
 (this creates a symlink named Resources in .../TorBrowser.app.meek-http-
 helper/Contents/ that points to the browser's Resources directory).

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