[tbb-bugs] #13332 [Tor Browser]: Cannot log in to lang-8.com (SNS for language learners) using Tor Browser.

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#13332: Cannot log in to lang-8.com (SNS for language learners) using Tor Browser.
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Comment (by cypherpunks):

 Replying to [comment:1 qbi]:
 > I made a new Firefox profile and tried to log in
 >  1. with the standard profile
 >  1. with HTTPS Everywhere installed
 >  1. with NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere installed
 > The latter two were not configured. I just used the default install. In
 all three cases I was able to log in to lang-8. So NoScript is not the
 problem alone.

 Yes, this matches what I have observed. I can log in to Lang-8 using
 Debian's version of Firefox ("Iceweasel") + NoScript.

 So the problem lies either with the interaction between Tor Browser and
 NoScript, or with the specific NoScript config shipped with Tor Browser.

 A temporary workaround for people who want to use Lang-8 via Tor Browser
 is to use a separate Tor Browser installation, with the NoScript extension
 disabled, only for logging into Lang-8, and to use one's normal,
 unmodified Tor Browser installation for everything else. Obviously this is
 not an ideal solution.

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