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Thu Oct 2 19:45:33 UTC 2014

#13324: Generation of incremental MAR files
 Reporter:  boklm                 |          Owner:  tbb-team
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 The branch update-responses-2 from my git repository at
 https://git.torproject.org/user/boklm/tor-browser-bundle.git contains a
 few changes to:
 - make the generated response files deterministic
 - use MAR files from gitian/$version instead of a releases subdir
 - generate incremental MAR files

 To be able to generate the incremental MAR files, it requires the tools
 from mar-tools-$os.zip (in directory gitian-builder/inputs after a build)
 to be extracted in a directory that is in the PATH.

 To speed up the generation of the MAR files, it will generate them in
 parallel, as many as there are CPUs, or the number in the NUM_PROCS
 environment variable if it is defined.

 The versions from which we generate incremental updates are defined in the
 config.yml file, in 'incremental_from'.

 If you have been running the previous version of the script, you may need
 to install a few additional perl modules to run this one:
 File::Temp IO::CaptureOutput File::Which Parallel::ForkManager

 (on Debian: libio-captureoutput-perl libfile-which-perl libparallel-

 If everything is working as expected, the files generated in the htdocs
 directory (which include shasums of the mar files) should match exactly
 the ones I generated. I will attach to this ticket the content of my
 htdocs directory.

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