[tbb-bugs] #13791 [Tor Browser]: Tor Browser Bundle ignores -app argument (GNU/Linux, mine is 64 bit)

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#13791: Tor Browser Bundle ignores -app argument (GNU/Linux, mine is 64 bit)
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 Currently command line arguments given to start-tor-browser should be
 passed to Firefox.
 However, I ran into problems when trying to use slimerjs
 (http://slimerjs.org), which can use Firefox to run itself as an "app".
 Slimerjs is basically a framework for automating Firefox. When I want to
 use it with Tor, I think it is best to use it with TBB, as TBB has its
 enhancements needed to good anonymity added to Firefox ESR.
 Through TBB is a MODIFIED version of Firefox (plus Tor), I feel there must
 not be any _real_ compatibility issue.

 Slimerjs launches itself with this command:
 "$SLIMERJSLAUNCHER" -app "$SLIMERDIR/application.ini" $PROFILE -no-remote
 where "$SLIMERJSLAUNCHER" becomes "start-tor-browser".

 In TBB's start-tor-brwser:
 ./firefox  --class "Tor Browser" \
     -profile TorBrowser/Data/Browser/profile.default "${@}"

 Results in:
 ./firefox  --class "Tor Browser" \
     -profile TorBrowser/Data/Browser/profile.default -app
 "$SLIMERDIR/application.ini" $PROFILE -no-remote "$@"

 And used as:
 SLIMERJSLAUNCHER=start-tor-browser slimerjs script.js

 I suspected duplicated "-profile" might cause problems. But editing around
 them did not solve any issues.

 Slimerjs is a Firefox automation framework, so automating TBB should be

 Since TBB supports command line arguments, it should be able to be used
 for running "trusted" XUL applications.

 Expected behavior:
 Runs given javascript with slimerjs, with the same functionality and
 fingerprints as normal TBB operations.

 Actual behavior (TBB 4.0):
 TBB launches as usual. Nothing related to slimerjs happens.

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