[tbb-bugs] #13776 [Tor Browser]: Generation of incremental mar files is not reproducbile

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Mon Nov 17 16:03:18 UTC 2014

#13776: Generation of incremental mar files is not reproducbile
     Reporter:  gk           |      Owner:  tbb-team
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    Component:  Tor Browser  |    Version:
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Comment (by mcs):

 The root cause of the problem appears to be a locale difference that
 causes case-insensitive sort for the mikeperry build (there may also be
 differences in how punctuation characters are handled).  Almost certainly
 the correct fix is to set LC_ALL=C somewhere.

 In the short run, maybe just try setting it before running the make
 command, e.g.,
   LC_ALL=C make incrementals

 The problem does not occur for full MARs because those are generating
 inside a VM.

 A real fix would require adding LC_ALL=C inside the incrementals target
 within gitian/Makefile.  Or we could modify Mozilla's scripts to set the
 locale (tools/update-packaging/make_incremental_update.sh and, for
 safety's sake, make_full_update.sh).

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