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#13775: Tor Browser won't open with OpenVPN
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Comment (by mttp):

 Here are the steps as I understand them:

 1) Follow the instructions provided by a VPN provider to set up your VPN
 connection. Test that the connection works. Hypothetically this could be
 also be done by setting up an OpenVPN instance on a server of your own and
 connecting to it, but the time trade-offs of learning how to do that
 properly may not be worth.

 2) Download and install Tor Browser. Attempt to start it from behind the
 functional VPN.

 Note that asking users for screenshots of this happening has not been that
 fruitful because they insist there's nothing to show. "It's just my
 desktop." If I understand the situation correctly, I think a Firefox
 process will start then immediately die.

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