[tbb-bugs] #13671 [Tor Browser]: Circuit display is broken if bridges are being used.

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Wed Nov 5 10:01:50 UTC 2014

#13671: Circuit display is broken if bridges are being used.
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 Note: This may be a good thing, I'm not sure about what the correct
 behavior should be here yet (As in, there's both a implementation problem,
 and a design problem here).

 The "implementation" problem:
 [11-05 09:46:55] Torbutton WARN: Error: 552 Unrecognized key
   This won't work.  `desc/id/` is what you want.

 The "design" problem:
   Please think Really Hard about if displaying the IP address of a user's
 Bridge (or Guard under normal use for that matter) is an ok thing to do.
 In the Bridge use case, I'm currently in the "If it does display the
 Bridge IP, I'm going to bother them till they hide it" camp, mainly
 because making it easy for the user to inadvertently spread the IP address
 of the bridge they are using is a bad thing.

   I'm open to being convinced otherwise on this, and I'm not sure if "the
 user inadvertently makes the guard they are using public via a screenshot"
 is a privacy concern or not.  This is "less" of an issue since that
 doesn't have the potential to ruin the Guard for other users, unlike

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