[tbb-bugs] #7562 [Tor Browser]: Toggling toolbars leads to reduced anonymity.

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Thu Jul 31 16:42:05 UTC 2014

#7562: Toggling toolbars leads to reduced anonymity.
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Comment (by cypherpunks):

 > I suggest making toggling menu / navigation bars impossible in the TBB.
 I dislike this suggestion, it's way too restrictive; what bars i want to
 toggle on or off should really be my own business if i feel the need to do
 so. E.g. with small monitors the screen real estate taken up by
 unnecessary toolbars really does matter, so i might toggle them on/off
 depending on whether i prioritize convenience or anonymity in that
 particular situation.

 I just posted my own thoughts on these issues in ticket
 > I've been thinking for some time that maybe a better approach to the
 window size issue would be to increase the amount of "noise" in the user
 data, rather than trying to shoehorn all users' data into a "uniform"
 > What I'm thinking of is '''varying the window size by a certain
 margin/formula on each startup / 'New Identity' (torbutton)'''. Now
 obviously the variation can't be too great or it will be an anti-feature,
 but i'd think something around the size/s of the various
 toolbars/scrollbars/etc. (ca. 25-50px?) wouldn't be too intrusive, and as
 a bonus would obfuscate what bars individual users have visible (and also
 i guess window decorations in case those matter?)

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