[tbb-bugs] #9531 [Tor Browser]: More Torbutton hangs on New Identity control port access

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Thu Jul 31 13:58:44 UTC 2014

#9531: More Torbutton hangs on New Identity control port access
     Reporter:           |      Owner:  tbb-team
  mikeperry              |     Status:  needs_review
         Type:  defect   |  Milestone:
     Priority:  major    |    Version:
    Component:  Tor      |   Keywords:  tbb-usability, tbb-newnym,
  Browser                |  TorBrowserTeam201407, tbb-torbutton,
   Resolution:           |  MikePerry201407R
Actual Points:           |  Parent ID:
       Points:           |
Changes (by gk):

 * keywords:  tbb-usability, tbb-newnym, TorBrowserTeam201407, tbb-torbutton
     tbb-usability, tbb-newnym, TorBrowserTeam201407, tbb-torbutton,
 * status:  new => needs_review


 Replying to [comment:32 gk]:
 > So I wonder whether we should separate the two problems and treat them
 differently: fixing the hang on New Identity with the
 processNextEvent/suppressEventHandling idea and trying the other one for
 the hang during start-up.

 I convinced myself that this might be a good approach and have a fix for
 this bug in my bug_9531_v2 branch in my public Torbutton repo.

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