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#12736: DLL hijacking vulnerability in TBB
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 The current version of TBB is vulnerable to DLL hijacking. Vanilla Firefox
 is NOT vulnerable.
 Steps to reproduce:
 1) Create a malicious dll (source code for example is added)
 2) Rename the malicious dll to ".DLL" using the commandline tool ren.exe,
 because windows explorer prohibits such names
 3) Place ".DLL" into a folder listed in the %PATH% environment variable
 4) Start DbgView.exe (a tool from microsoft) to get text outputs from the
 5) Start Tor Browser Bundle

 You will now see something similiar to:
 HIJACKDLL (C:\...\.DLL) Started from:
 C:\...\TorBrowser\Browser\firefox.exe as user Admin

 This bug will probably be also triggered when TBB is registered as a
 default file handler and the malicious dll is in the same folder as the
 file opened by TBB. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-
 us/library/windows/desktop/ms682586(v=vs.85).aspx for more information
 about DLL load order. But I haven't confirmed it yet, because I don't know
 in which cases the TBB could be opened as a default file handler.Carpet
 Bombing might also be possible. http://www.dhanjani.com/blog/2008/05

 Possible attack scenario would be an attacker who shares an url link file
 in a folder along with a hidden ".DLL" and the victims opens the url link
 file with TBB. Native code execution can then be used to unmask the user.

 ".DLL" smells like sprintf(DLLToLoad, "%s.DLL", EmptyDLLString)

 Tested on:
 Tor Browser 3.6.3-Windows

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