[tbb-bugs] #5798 [Tor Browser]: Improve persistence and WebFont compatibility of font patch

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Sun Aug 24 05:44:29 UTC 2014

#5798: Improve persistence and WebFont compatibility of font patch
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  Browser                |  testcase, tbb-firefox-patch
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Comment (by arthuredelstein):

 Replying to [ticket:5798 mikeperry]:
 > Sid Stamm reviewed my font count limiting patch and suggested that the
 nsPrefShell is the wrong place to store font counts, since it may be
 cleared in circumstances such as refreshes/redirects. We probably want
 something that has a similar lifetime to cookies. Perhaps the Content
 Prefs database?

 After #5752 lands, each URL-bar domain will be assigned a separate
 identity. So perhaps a good approach would be to maintain a font-limit for
 each Tor identity (URL-bar domain). I hope that would counter the multi-
 frame circumvention in comment:13.

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