[tbb-bugs] #12756 [Tor Browser]: I can't get the TorBrowser 3.6.3 to start fully under my OSX 10.6.8 system.

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Tue Aug 5 06:03:10 UTC 2014

#12756: I can't get the TorBrowser 3.6.3 to start fully under my OSX 10.6.8 system.
     Reporter:  SciFi        |      Owner:  tbb-team
         Type:  defect       |     Status:  reopened
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Changes (by SciFi):

 * status:  closed => reopened
 * resolution:  wontfix =>


 I don't remember having to adjust anything to use the older Vadalia with

 Here's my attempt to insert "ConnLimit 256" into the aforementioend torrc
 This file was originally non-existant, but we have a file named
 torrc_defaults, so I duplicated it (to make its line-endings match etc.)
 -- now its entire contents reads thus:

 > # recommended in my bug 12756
 > ConnLimit 256

 Yes two lines.  ;)

 No help, we're still getting this in the system.log here:

 > Aug  5 00:07:09 SciFi [0x0-0xde0de0].org.mozilla.torbrowser[2182]:
 Failed to find nss3 in installed directory, checking system paths.
 > Aug  5 00:07:09 SciFi [0x0-0xde0de0].org.mozilla.torbrowser[2182]: SSL
 Observatory: Failed to initialize NSS component:Error: couldn't open
 library libnss3.dylib
 > Aug  5 00:07:10 SciFi [0x0-0xde0de0].org.mozilla.torbrowser[2182]: Aug
 05 00:07:10.604 [notice] Tor v0.2.4.22 (git-345e00dc68a052fe) running on
 Darwin with Libevent 2.0.21-stable and OpenSSL 1.0.1h.
 > Aug  5 00:07:10 SciFi [0x0-0xde0de0].org.mozilla.torbrowser[2182]: Aug
 05 00:07:10.605 [notice] Tor can't help you if you use it wrong! Learn how
 to be safe at https://www.torproject.org/download/download#warning
 > Aug  5 00:07:10 SciFi [0x0-0xde0de0].org.mozilla.torbrowser[2182]: Aug
 05 00:07:10.720 [notice] Read configuration file
 > Aug  5 00:07:10 SciFi [0x0-0xde0de0].org.mozilla.torbrowser[2182]: Aug
 05 00:07:10.727 [warn] Couldn't set maximum number of file descriptors:
 Invalid argument
 > Aug  5 00:07:10 SciFi [0x0-0xde0de0].org.mozilla.torbrowser[2182]: Aug
 05 00:07:10.727 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Problem with
 ConnLimit value. See logs for details.
 > Aug  5 00:07:10 SciFi [0x0-0xde0de0].org.mozilla.torbrowser[2182]: Aug
 05 00:07:10.727 [err] Reading config failed--see warnings above.

 All I can say right now is: Having such a line does not seem to eliminate
 the Tor code from checking the system value and fiddling with it.  I think
 the way MakeMKV was fixed is to patch the code to simply leave alone the
 checking of the RCs on such adjustments and "hope for the best", which so
 far seems to be compatible with other platforms as well.

 However, this area (torrc) might be a valuable thing to experiment with
 here -- I'd like to read-up on it if possible.

 Also I need to say this:  I must ignore anyone who tells me to re-install
 the entire system -- I'll save my disgust with such feedback for later (a
 bit below).  I am *not* an average end-user, I tried to explain this in
 the earlier (albeit excessive) text in this bugreport.  We need this bug
 fixed -- your code must accept any "tweaked" setting done to the system,
 it's "tweaked" FOR A VERY VALID REASON.  Note Well (N.B.) that almost
 everything runs with the system tweaks I presently have, including the
 fixed MakeMKV code.  The older Vadalia/TorButton code had been working in
 this scenario (but now there seems to be a network-wide rejection of a
 connection coming from this early code; I remember reading about it in the
 associated mail-lists [yes I use Gmane to keep up that way]).

 If anything, please leave this bugreport open for more possible eyes,
 and/or send this up the chain for more-professional people to see what can
 be done.  I do not want Tor to be brought down because people do not want
 to make it work better (in essence, as it looks to me right now).  It
 should be seen as a very valuable tool to be used on the entire network
 (meaning: on as many machines as possible).

 Thank you.

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