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Sat Aug 2 15:31:23 UTC 2014

#12763: -no-remote prevents using Tor Browser as default browser
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Comment (by bastik):

 Replying to [ticket:12763 micahlee]:

 > How come firefox is run with -no-remote? I assume there's a reason
 behind it. Is it useful for privacy/anonymity/data minimization? Would it
 be bad to patch start-tor-browser to remove -no-remote?

 I'm unaware of it being useful for anything else, other than to run
 TorBrowser and Firefox (vanilla) at the same time. Without {{{no-remote}}}
 it is not possible. I'm unaware of other ways to achieve this.

 (Using {{{no-remote}}} for Firefox Portable, while running Firefox to
 compare them at the same time on Windows)

 (I use Firefox and if I use TorBrowser, mainly for testing or comparison,
 I expect it to be possible to have both open at the same time. As far as I
 can tell it is a convenience feature.)

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