[ooni-talk] Launched: New Test Lists Editor

Maria Xynou maria at openobservatory.org
Fri Jul 29 13:16:27 UTC 2022

Hello friends,

Today the OONI team is excited to share that we have launched a new
platform, the Test Lists Editor, which you can use to *contribute websites
for censorship testing*.

Access the *Test Lists Editor* here: https://test-lists.ooni.org/

Learn all about the Test Lists Editor through our blog post:

Our post also includes a brief *user guide*:

*# What are test lists?*

Test lists are lists of websites tested for censorship (by OONI Probe,
Censored Planet tools, etc.).

Since 2014, the Citizen Lab has publicly hosted these lists on GitHub (
https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/), enabling important community
review and contributions.

*# Why the Test Lists Editor?*

Community members with a social science background (such as political
scientists, researchers, journalists, and human rights advocates) are often
best-positioned to update test lists. However, test lists have been hosted
on GitHub, which is a platform mainly used by developers.

The Test Lists Editor is a web platform that enables you to review and
contribute to the Citizen Lab test lists, *without a GitHub account*!

Your contributions will still be reviewed by the Citizen Lab, OONI, and
other experts, but you no longer require a GitHub account to contribute.

*# Why contribute?*

Discovering cases of website blocking really depends on *which* websites
you test.

Help the internet freedom community discover website blocks:

Special thanks to Netalitica researchers for their excellent work on
improving numerous test lists over the years!

Huge thanks to all community members who contributed to test lists, and who
shared feedback for the development of the Test Lists Editor. <3

Please help spread the word:


OONI team.
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