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Maria Xynou maria at openobservatory.org
Fri Sep 10 11:06:09 UTC 2021


Today, in collaboration with Davide Brunello (independent researcher), we
published a new report which examines the *blocking of the Gutenberg book
publishing website across networks in Italy* based on OONI data.

Read the report here:

Since May 2020, access to the Gutenberg book publishing website has been
blocked in Italy (in compliance with a decree of the court of Rome) over
copyright violation.

The criminal lawsuit is currently ongoing and that does not permit access
to relevant documents that would help with further understanding the
background and situation that resulted in the blocking of www.gutenberg.org.

OONI measurement analysis shows that access to www.gutenberg.org is blocked
on at least 7 AS networks in Italy. Most ISPs primarily block access by
means of DNS tampering.

In blocking www.gutenberg.org, some ISPs in Italy (e.g Fastweb & Tiscali)
return an NXDOMAIN, others (e.g. TIM, Telecom Italia, Iliad) return the IP
address, while Vodafone Italia returns the IP address

Regardless of what is returned in the DNS response, what all ISPs in Italy
(at least those included in this study) appear to have in common is the *lack
of transparency* of the fact that access to www.gutenberg.org is
intentionally blocked. Internet users just see an error message.

Further details and analysis is available in our report:

Thanks for reading!

~ OONI team.
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