[ooni-talk] OONI hardware?

Jan Pavlinec jan.pavlinec at nic.cz
Wed Aug 21 11:54:41 UTC 2019


There isĀ  OONI probe distro for raspberry pi called lepidopter
It wasn't updated for a while and I think that it contains an old
version of ooni probe written in python.


Dne 17. 08. 19 v 23:54 ilf napsal(a):
> Friends,
> I do quite some traveling, including to regions and countries that
> could benefit from (another) OONI probe. However, I have not really
> found a good way to actually put OONI to use. The main reason is: all
> my devices heavily use VPNs and Tor.
> Have you ever thought about some tiny OONI hardware probe? I for one
> would love an small device, for example powered by PoE and getting
> uplink via ethernet, or powered by USB and getting uplink via WLAN.
> Something like a RIPE Atlas Probe: https://atlas.ripe.net/docs/probe-v2/
> Three ideas come to mind:
> 1. Someone probably already hack up something like this on a Raspberry
> Pi or similar. Can someone point me to this?
> 2. Time and money are limited, and having something like this as a
> "product" needs both. But something like this could also vastly
> increase the amount of probes. The Android App already drastically
> lowered the bar to running a probe. But some dongle one would just
> have to plug in somewhere would lower that even more. And if cheap
> enough, they could just be left in interesting places.
> 3. RIPE Atlas Probes serve a different purpose. But has anyone ever
> talked to RIPE NCC about the possibility of maybe running OONI on them?
> I'd love to hear your thougths. I'm pretty sure others thought about
> this before.
> Best

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