[ooni-dev] Protocol and app blocking measurement

Simone Basso bassosimone at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 19:09:23 UTC 2017

On 20/03/2017 15:43, Hanna Kreitem wrote:
> Hello,


> Few years ago, Dutch Internet Society released a very good application
> to test for protocol and communication app blocking, the application
> have not been maintained for some time now, but is still accessible
> under open.internet.nl <http://open.internet.nl>.

Ah, cool, I didn't know about it!

> I think it will be a
> good idea to integrate the tests this application does into OONI probe,

Yes, I agree!

> do you think this is possible?

Possibly. To provide a more precise answer it would help:

- to know whether the sources are available somewhere (I spent only a
couple of minutes on the site and didn't find a "sources" tab and
couldn't also find anything related on github by quickly googling)

- to know whether the tests are specified somewhere (even without
sources, with a good specification, we can re-implement it)

As I said, I did a quick search but did not find information on that on
the website. Either I was too quick or it's not obvious.

Do you know where we can find that info?

> The open.internet.nl <http://open.internet.nl> tests for: "VOIP (SIP and
> Skype), Whatsapp (XMPP), YouTube, BitTorrent and Spotify. And the
> related protocols RTSP, DNS, RTP and RTCP."

Nice! I wonder, for example, how YouTube test is implemented, i.e. do
they connect directly to YouTube servers or use another strategy?

Thank you,


Simone Basso

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