[ooni-dev] Egypt Blocking with Tor 0.2.8

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 16:24:11 UTC 2016


I was reading about blocking in Egypt:

And noticed that you were still using Tor 0.2.7:
which Egypt blocks by blocking connections to the directory authorities.

You say:
"In our testing we found 7 out of 9 directory authority consensus file
requests to be blocked:"

Tor Browser uses Tor 0.2.8, which:
* bootstraps using Fallback Directory mirrors as well as Authorities
* tries 5 fallbacks and 2 authorities before giving up
* only bootstraps over the ORPort

I think these changes make Tor harder to block, except perhaps for the
ORPort bootstrap change, which means tor can be blocked using only the
SSL handshake. (But it secures the HTTP headers from interference.)

Can you repeat the Egypt tests with Tor 0.2.8?
We've heard from users in Mexico that it evades some of their ISP blocks.


Tim Wilson-Brown (teor)

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